Welcome Pack

This item is free.

Welcome to GeistCraft !

Enjoy your complimentary welcome pack as you embark on an adventure with your friends and other cosplayers


How to receive Items

1. Reconnect to Server

2. Clear your Minecraft inventory

3. Items will appear in your inventory 

This Pack includes:

- 8 Cooked Chicken  177302ccb124c0931a9fb5551865333a7bdf5671.png

- 16 Wheat Seeds   671a68a2d24ae0f02c3d032e039792f54442651f.png

- 8 Cobblestone   2cf001ae82ec30d3996740cd6f2775fae89e3d06.png

- 4 Oak Logs   daefe52673d71ba02b21c869a2a480199329ea66.png